Introduction to WAUW design intern: Louise

Introduction to WAUW design intern: Louise

Louise has been doing a part-time internship at WAUW design since the beginning of February and will stay until the end of April. Her internship is part of her education in France, where she studies Art and Design at School of Art and Design Talm in Angers. Her studies contain subjects such as room and space design, and she use computer graphic imaging programs and video editing for concept development. 

In parallel with her internship at WAUW design, Louise is also an intern with ceramist colleague Lars Rank. To work with two different ceramists is an unique opportunity to gain knowledge and practical experience with different production techniques.  

WAUW design intern Louise learning how to make Tone plates in the ceramic studio in Copenhagen.

What has Louise learned as an intern at WAUW design?

So far, Louise has taken part of the production of many different WAUW design products. The pictures above shows Louise learning how to make the Tone plates. She has also produced Tone cups (see pictures below), Easter eggs, glazing of different cups and vases, sponging of the products before the first firing and she has created new Easter ornaments with Julia, another WAUW design intern. All in all, Louise has been part of the production from start to finish, which is the best way to learn how demanding - and fun - it is to work with the materials stoneware and porcelain. 

WAUW design intern Louise learning ceramic techniques.

What does Louise especially like being an intern in the WAUW studio?

In addition to learning many different techniques, trying out new things and making her own pieces, she likes the atmosphere of the studio and having nice co-workers at WAUW design. 

I really enjoy creating something with my own hands and being part of the production from the very first steps until the final product is taken out of the kiln. It is very satisfying.

It is always very interesting and inspiring to have interns in the studio, as they bring new energy and ideas with them. To help them live out their ideas I guide them and teach them how to work with the clay and the experience and value is mutual. 

Ceramic color tests made in Copenhagen.

Would you like to be an intern at WAUW design? 

Right now there are no open vacancies, but you are always welcome to send an application along with your CV to:

Maria Mosgaard